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About OARS

Why join OARS?

At OARS, we strive to bring the best experience to the athletes in our program, and to foster a community that brings out the best in our athletes. Our athletes have gone on to amazing colleges (100% graduation to 4-year college rate), and build life-long skills in team-work, leadership and the ability to work hard.


No sport has a greater tie between hard work and results, and our goal is to help every athlete who joins the program succeed. Whether it's though our individualized training, or through the community experience, athletes who join OARS come away with the skills to become community leaders. Hear more from a few of our athletes themselves!

"When I joined the OARS family, I immediately felt at home and was supported by all the rowers and coaches."


"On top of the welcoming environment, you will not find coaches like the ones we have at OARS anywhere else. These coaches go all in. If it’s asking about room for improvement or extra time before practice to get one on one help, there will always be a coach ready to help and assist you"

- Maxwell Kreutzelman, Cornell '23


Describe OARS in 3 words: Inclusive, Inspiring and GRIT

- Nicky Kim, OARS class of 2020

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"OARS has given me the opportunity to work towards a common goal alongside so many talented and capable people from all walks of life, which has taught me invaluable lessons of camaraderie, hard work and grit."


"I’ve been able to push myself both mentally and physically more than I ever have before, which has really allowed me to mature and learn more about myself in ways I could never have imagined. I’ve been able to make lifelong friendships and travel the country with my best friends, forging some of the best memories of my life along the way"

"It is unlikely that I will ever experience such a unique and supportive group of people working for something bigger than themselves again"

- Keelan Good, Princeton '24

"I joined OARS not knowing anything about rowing or the team itself. But it was the openness of the coaches when I first came in that made it obvious that this is the team for me.


Coming in as a novice without experience, I saw all of the varsity rowers working hard on the ergs which instantly made me want to work hard and always push myself to be even better"

- Steven Nguyen, OARS class of 2021

Describe OARS in 3 words: Competitive, Enriching and Rewarding

- Lyla McLeod, OARS class of 2021

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