Varsity Rowing

Our Varsity Rowing program is designed to help athletes develop to compete at the highest level of rowing. Our training is centered on providing athletes with the tools to succeed in the sport:

  • Technical ability to move boats effectively

  • Fitness and strength

  • Mental acuity to become strong racers


Every athlete is unique, and we provide an individualized plan to enable each athlete succeed in the sport.

Beyond rowing, we believe this sport encourages a culture of achievement and excellence. Our staff spends time mentoring each athlete, to help them prepare for the next step.


We host a variety of clinics and guest lectures to expose athletes to different areas of the sport:​

  • Injury prevention & nutrition seminars with the Children's Hospital in Oakland

  • College preparation and recruiting round-tables and seminars with athletes and coaches

  • Viewing parties at local college regattas


Varsity rowing practice begin on August 19th, and conclude after the regatta season the following May.


The season begins practicing 4-5 days per week, and increases to 6 days per week during the main competition season.

We attend at least 3 major regattas in the Fall, a training trip in the winter, and at least 3 major regattas in the Spring.


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Payment options:

  • Our full year season is $3650. We offer an installment plan for families to cover that cost: $650 initial deposit and installment payments for 8 months 

  • Joining after September? $650 initial deposit and then a prorated installment plan is available through the end of the season.

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