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Summer Learn-To-Row 2022

OARS will be offering one week long introductory rowing camps designed for those looking to try a new sport over the summer, and for those thinking about rowing in high school.

About the camps:

Camps will be open to all students entering 8th grade and above. No experience is necessary, and participants will spend time learning the basics of rowing via land training, video sessions, and rowing on the water.

At the OARS summer rowing camp, athletes will start out by learning in single (one person) boats. We believe this is the best way to teach the skill and sensitivity required to be a good rower - in addition to being a lot of fun! Pending vaccination status, we will also put athletes in team boats.


Camps run from 9:30 am -12:30 pm and groups are limited to 12 participants.  For those looking to continue building skills after the introductory camp or who have discovered a new love for the sport and want to do more, you can register over multiple weeks. 



$375 per week


Livingston Pier

1995 Embarcadero Road

Oakland, CA 94606


Monday - Friday, 9:30-12:30  weeks of:

June 20 - 24

June 27 - July 1

July 5 - 9

July 11 - 15

July 18 - 21

July 25 - 29

Aug 1 - 5

What to bring:

  • Exercise attire

  • Change of clothing

  • Towel 

  • Hat

  • Water bottle 

  • Sunscreen

  • Running shoes

  • An excitement to try rowing!


Please click the link above to register for your one week camp. Registration is completed via TeamSnap. Within the registration page, you will have the opportunity to choose as many weeks of camp as you would like!

Due to the changing health ordinances surrounding COVID-19 these camps may be altered (either smaller athlete limits or cancelled altogether).  As of now we are planning on holding them as is.  If we have to cancel camps, full refunds will be provided to those signed up. 


Our camps fill up quickly! If your desired camp dates are full - please email us! We can work to help you find a spot that will work for your rower. Additionally, please join our waiting list here


If you have any further questions please email 


Join us on the water this summer! 

Frequently asked questions:​

What's camp like?

Camp will run from 9:30-12:30 each day. Athletes will first learn the basics of the rowing stroke on special rowing machines designed to simulate aspects of the stroke. We find it's easiest to start off in a stable platform on land. Once they've figured out the basics, we will guide athletes through the equipment that we row with on the water, and how to handle and maneuver the equipment.


Next, we'll get the athletes out on the water. We row from a very protected channel, and a coach will be able to walk around to give close instruction. Once they've mastered the basics and can get moving, we'll take them into the Oakland Estuary, where we will start refining aspects of the stroke. The week will end with a short intra-squad scrimmage, where athletes can put their skills to use!

I'm really liking it, can I sign up for more?

Yes! Most athletes end up rowing multiple (or all!) camps in the summer. After their first week, we will split the group based on skill. The most skilled athletes will row further and continue developing, in preparation for Fall rowing.

I'm busy some days during my camp. Can I still participate?

Yes! We understand that families have lots to do over the summer. Please reach out to if you have circumstances that need working around.

What types of precautions will there be for COVID?

We endeavor to provide a safe experience for the athletes. Because of COVID, we will ask that you and your athlete follow strict guidelines regarding their presence, impact and interactions at the boathouse. These guidelines will evolve through the weeks, as we look to local and national guidelines, and appreciate your flexibility before-hand. Ahead of the first practice date, we will provide you with the current guidelines that we must abide by at the time.


There is also a chance that we may have to shift practice times around - in which case we will work with your families to create time-slots that work with you. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate the current challenges.

I have a lingering injury from another sport, and don't know if it will affect rowing.

Rowing is a great option for athletes with injuries, because it is a low impact but full body workout. If you have a pre-existing condition or injury, please reach out and we'll try to help you learn if rowing is right for you!

Will I get wet?

It is likely many athletes will take a dip their first couple days rowing. We ask that all athletes know how to swim beforehand. We will have a few coaching motorboats out, to help athletes get back into their boat and ensure safety during camp.

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