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Registration takes place on TeamSnap. The below registration links are for all teams (Varsity / Novice / Boys / Girls). Upon registration, we will connect you with your athlete's coaches.

Please click one of the links below to start registering:

August - December 2021

Early Registration (Before Aug 1): $2050 

Late Registration: $2200

  • For boys and girls, grade 8 to 12

  • No experience necessary

  • This link is for both Varsity & Novice, Boys & Girls

  • For our Fall/Spring program

  • For boys and girls, grade 8 to 12

  • For anybody new to OARS - both new rowers and rowers with experience

  • Click here to learn more, sign up to try rowing with OARS!

January - June 2022

Early Registration (Before Dec 15): $2150 

Late Registration: $2300

  • For boys and girls, grade 8 to 12

  • Please write to  about joining later in the season

What is Included with 2021-2022 registration & membership fees?

  • On the water coaching and training

  • On land strength, conditioning & nutrition

  • Video review  (1:1 pre/post practice review and erg work + digital review outside practice ours)

  • Facilities & infrastructure

  • Local regatta fees (covers regattas that are not overnight, and covers all entry fees, equipment transport and insurance)

  • Reduced summer camp costs (check out our sculling development camp)

  • Out-of-season / alumni training opportunities

What additional costs can be expected in 2020-2021?

  • 776BC OARS Racing uniform - $65 -  (not required if you already have one)

  • Overnight / selection trips - certain events and regattas require overnight travel and/or are for qualified athletes (e.g. US Rowing Youth National Championships). To keep our fees fair, and to ensure we're finding the best event costs, these will be charged to those who attend

  • End of season celebration

Upon registration, you will receive a welcome email detailing key contacts and logistical information to help you get ready.

Our COVID precautions

We are still in operation during the COVID pandemic, although we have had to modify aspects of our programming to help accommodate. Our guiding principles include keeping athletes socially distant, outdoors in small cohorts, with masks on at all times when within 10 ft of anybody. If you'd like to learn more about our COVID guidance and rules, please email us at


Financial Aid

Based on documented evidence of financial need, OARS provides a limited amount of financial aid to partially offset club fees.


Please see our registration documents or email us at for detailed information on what aid is available and the documentation that is  required to formally request financial aid. OARS does not provide financial aid for uniforms, regatta and travel fees. All rowers must either be formally registered or be participating in a two week free trial to participate in the OARS program.

Season Proration

For athletes joining the team late, OARS will provide a prorated fee calculated on a weekly basis. Fees will not be prorated for withdrawing from the team early, nor will fees be prorated based on attendance. 


All requests for prorated fees should be submitted to prior to registration. Late registration are subject to approval by coaches. 

Refund Policy

If an athlete wishes to withdraw from OARS before starting, the registration fees minus a $50 administrative fee and the credit card processing fees will be granted if that request is received 14 days in advance of the first practice.

We do not have refunds of club dues more than 14 days from the date of registration. Please select the insurance option offered in the payment section to protect your investment in club fees 

Frequently asked questions:​

Why must we have try-outs?

We endeavor to get as many athletes exposed to the sport of rowing possible. However, we also strive to provide the best athlete experience on the water; and to do that, we have capacity constraints. We firmly believe teaching athletes in small boats, and especially the single, is the best way to learn the sport, boat-feel and watermanship - in order to keep the group manageable and safe, that ultimately requires a capacity constraint.

For the 2020-2021 season, we will have to have more stringent capacity requirements due to COVID. Our priority is keeping athletes safe. This means limiting the number of athletes at our boathouse, and keeping athletes in small boats (which is truly the best social distancing! each boat has a 10ft long bow and stern, along with oars, that keeps them within a HUGE personal space bubble outdoors). 


We hope in the future we will be able to expand our capacity, and thank you for your understanding as we manage these challenging times.

What types of precautions will there be for COVID?

We endeavor to provide a safe experience for the athletes. Because of COVID, we will ask that you and your athlete follow strict guidelines regarding their presence, impact and interactions at the boathouse. These guidelines will evolve through the weeks, as we look to local and national guidelines, and appreciate your flexibility before-hand. Ahead of the first practice date, we will provide you with the current guidelines that we must abide by at the time.

As a club, we fundamentally believe in teaching athletes in small boats, and especially the single - thus, our equipment investments in these small boats will allow us to get many athletes out this Fall. Rowing the single is an excellent way to get outdoors and social distance!


There is also a chance that we may have to shift practice times around - in which case we will work with your families to create time-slots that work with you. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate the current challenges.

I'm busy for part of the season. Can I join late?

Yes! We understand that some athletes play other sports, or have other commitments during the season. Please register for the program you're interested in, and our coaches will reach out to arrange an appropriate start date. ​

Do you offer financial aid?

Our mission is to broaden the reach of rowing. OARS provides a limited amount of financial aid to partially offset club fees. If you're interested in rowing, and want to learn more about financial aid please see our registration documents or email us at for detailed information on what aid is available and the documentation that we require to formally request financial aid. OARS does not provide financial aid for uniforms, regatta and travel fees. 

Do our athletes have holidays off?

Yes! Major holidays include Thanksgiving and the Winter Holiday. Because of the variable spring break schedules each school district has and the late April timing of the Southwest Junior Regional Championships, OARS does not take Spring Break off. Rather we often celebrate it as each district goes out - with twice a day practices! 

How many races are there?

We will be entering a minimum of 6 major races per season, and will have smaller scrimmages throughout - please reach out to learn more.

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