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OARS Performance Group

The OARS Performance Group is designed for athletes looking to develop the physiological, technical and psychological skills necessary to compete at the world and international level in the future. Our goals as coaches is to provide a positive environment where athletes are striving to go fast, and at the same time continue fostering a love for the sport and community.

Athletes will begin by spending the majority of time in the single. As athlete gain familiarity with the boat class, and the individual accountability required to move the single well, we will look to expand to other boat classes across both sweep and sculling.


However, this is pending local guidelines and ordinances - the health and safety of our athletes is paramount.

Our focus will be developing athletes as individuals - to provide the attention they need to achieve their goals in this sport. Athletes should expect between 8-12 sessions per week, depending on ability.


4-6 morning sessions will be spent primarily on the water as a group. The remainder of the sessions will be tailored to each athlete's strengths and weaknesses and may include smaller group sessions, land training, supplemental fitness, or strength.


Every athlete is an individual - and we want to ensure they have the training tailored to what they need to succeed. 


How to apply:

1. Please reach out to  with interest, or text (510) 812-5078.

2. Fill out an application that can be found here.

3. We will have an initial screening interview, and help determine next steps


We are charging based on four distinct time periods. We may adjust up or down after winter, depending on program needs - but will not adjust by more than 5% either way.


Fall (September 1 - December 15): $625

Winter (December 15 - January 25): $300

Spring (February 1 - June 1): $1000

Summer (June 2 - August 31): $750

We are focused on creating a positive environment where athletes will thrive as individuals, while pushing the team to succeed at a high level.

Athletes interested in joining should complete the application form.

Our fees will cover coaching fees and a structured training program based on your individual needs and goals. The fees will also cover access to the boathouse and land training equipment, club equipment use, general maintenance, and storage for your personal 1x if needed.

There is a 10 hour / month volunteer commitment. Beyond that, further volunteer hours can be used to credit back fees. If flexibility is required on the fee structure, please let us know.

Frequently asked questions:​

I cannot attend all four seasons - can I attend partially?

Yes - our program is designed to mimic the year of a typical U23 athlete, but we have flexibility. Please reach out to with questions

What types of precautions will there be for COVID?

We endeavor to provide a safe experience for the athletes. Because of COVID, we will ask that you and your athlete follow strict guidelines regarding their presence, impact and interactions at the boathouse. These guidelines will evolve through the weeks, as we look to local and national guidelines, and appreciate your flexibility before-hand. Ahead of the first practice date, we will provide you with the current guidelines that we must abide by at the time.

As a club, we fundamentally believe in teaching athletes in small boats, and especially the single - thus, our equipment investments in these small boats will allow us to get many athletes out this Fall. Rowing the single is an excellent way to get outdoors and social distance!


There is also a chance that we may have to shift practice times around - in which case we will work with your families to create time-slots that work with you. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate the current challenges.

I have a lingering injury - should I apply?

Please reach out to to discuss. We would like to work with every motivated individual that we can, yet we would like to balance your personal health and well being. 

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